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OM's Project







Competitive advantage implies the creation of a system that has a unique advantage over competitors. The idea is to create customer value in an efficient and sustainable way.

Work in group of three (3) maximum. Create NEW ONE PRODUCT (goods or services) for that company. You need to translate strategic operation management decision concept for your product as a basis to compete in the global marketplace.

Your strategy decision must be includes:

  1. Goods and service design
  2. Total Quality Management,
  3. Process and capacity design,
  4. Location,
  5. Layout,
  6. Human resource and job design,
  7. Supply chain management,
  8. Inventory,
  9. Scheduling
  10. Maintenance.

Required :

Prepare a report about the strategy that will be used for this new product in perspective relative to other business functions. You should focus on Operation Management issues, but link to marketing management and financial management.

Guideline given as a direction for your project report: (Creativity organizes will be added marks)

1)    Acknowledgement

2)    Table of content

3)    Introduction of company

a.     No of employees

b.     Date established

c.     Organization chart

4)    Product

a.     Product/service design review (technical drawing)

b.     Product/service specification

c.     Product/service function

5)    Location

a.     Map of location (city/town/state)

b.     Layout

6)    Production

a.     Capacity for overall plant/machine

b.     Total no of employee/operator (work schedule)

c.     Total no of machine/types of machine/capacity per machine

d.     Layout of plant/factory/warehouse (if any)/production line

                                          i.    You are required to draw the movement for inbound and outbound activities

e.     Quality practiced

f.      Process strategy and implementation

g.     Inventory (if any)

h.     Aggregate planning

i.      Bill of Material for product

j.      List of supplier and part supply

k.     Safety stock (if any)

7)    Finance

a.     Cost per production/raw material

b.     Price determine

c.     Wages and remuneration

d.     Overhead cost

e.     Transportation

f.      Any

8)    Conclusion

Please note the following policies regarding assignments:

  • Hardware or software problems with your own personal computer is not a valid excuse for submitting a late assignment.
  • It is the responsibility of all students to back-up computer files in order to avoid problems with disk or flash drive failure.
  • Your assignments will be graded not only on their content, but also their appearance. It’s important that you take pride in the work that you submit. It’s a reflection on the effort you have made to complete the assignment.
  • Your assignment must be type written follow the APA format by using Tahoma 11, 1.5 spacing line.

·         You must submit your assignment by ___________ before 12.00pm.The lecturer reserves the right to reduce the grade or not accept late assignments out of fairness for the reminder of the class. 

·         You are required to burn all your material (graphic/template/movies) with your final report in a DVD. Organization of DVD contents will be added marks. (3/15 mark)

·         Development of product (prototypes) also will be added marks. (3/15 mark)


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